Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alright, so... I finally got around to making a fantastic idea that i found/stole from some amazing people at Tokyo Pistol. Below are some steps, and photos of the process. The quality is not the best as I took them with my iPhone (still can't find that cord, prolly should buy a new one). Without further adeu....

First Step. Find an old book. This one is from a small collection of reader's digest books that i have. Its binding is in sorry shape, and so i thought it might be happier as a flower pot.

Step 2. Cut out a large portion of the book which will become the actual "pot". My book was 639 pages long, I cut to page 466.

Step 3. Find a plant/clippings that are easy to grow. I dont remember what this guy is called but he roots easily and is a clean air plant. You will also need some soil. Mine is an all-purpose potting mix. You could of course, buy a little plant already living in some soil.

Step 4. Put some soil in the book.

Step 5. Plant the plants. Give them a small amount of water.
And there you have it! I will update later on how the plants are doing.

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