Thursday, December 24, 2009


So, I have started telling a few people about this blog... about three. Their instantaneous reaction is "what's it about?" and i sincerely dont know! My best guess would be "me"?

Is that enough?

No, probably not. But here it is anyway.

It is christmas tomorrow and i am not excited in the least. It just doesnt feel like it is. No snow, no snow, no snow!
I am having a handmade christmas, all my gifts have been handmade by me. Sounds romantic doesnt it? Well, its not entirely by choice. I am BROKE! sooo I have been putting my talents to good use. I will try to post some pictures after christmas (gotta preserve the surprise).

However a brand new decade is just around the corner. I am being optimistic. Perhaps this will be my year, decade even.

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