Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's like the renaissance or something

My head is simply crammed with lots of ideas! there are all sorts of things that i want to make. Very little of it is what i would consider art pieces, but i am sure they will be beautiful just the same, or at least fun.

I have made a few beaded broaches over the past month. Broken heart, bling heart (pale) and bling panda, are just three of them. I was thinking of listing them on Etsy, but they may end up as christmas gifts instead.

I also finished off a scarf today (picture to come later). It is black and was knitted with Clover Jumbo 15mm needles! I love the giant holes that are inherent with such huge needles. The yarn was interesting to begin with... thin to chunky and back again. It's created such a lovely texture. I was definitely contemplating gifting it, but the more i think of parting with it, the less i want to.
Perhaps this particular scarf will just be a gift to myself. I guess i could always wrap it up to later open it on christmas morning.

The other odds and sods that i'll be making will end up on here sooner or later most likely as i complete them. I am pretty sure one of them will show up tomorrow (exciting), but again, it's a gift for myself, under the guise of a prototype.

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