Wednesday, December 16, 2009

something more like a feeling

Lately i have had this feeling, this sinking suspicious itchy feeling... It is mainly a longing for something i am not sure i can ever attain- not sure even what it is completely.
Its all pearly nail polish, and pale patterned paper. It is entirely light blue winter skies and pale skin with freckles. Its like i already know what it is, but can't remember because it is from a dream.
I keep trying to remember exactly, but i can't quite wrap my mind around it.
If i am to think about it in terms of something practical i should apply this itch to my art practice.
It is possible that I am just trying to work out a new project, which could mostly have to do with me wanting to expand my photographic repetoire from dark and glammy scary night shots to cloudy, light and breezy day shots.
To the left, you will see a small example of the kind of colours i want to showcase, taken (expertly by me) with my iPhone. Oooh!
However, it is also entirely possible that i am not being practical. Perhaps i am actually just trying to remember a dream.
Or it could just be that i want it to snow!

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