Wednesday, January 27, 2010

some work shots


This one is from a few months ago. Its a continuation of a series I started a couple of summers ago.

These are from the series i am currently focusing on. more to come later.

I am off to NL for the next week. I'll have more work to show for it when i get back.

Friday, January 22, 2010

La petite fille de la Mer

Today I was pretty productive. I did some "digital sketching" for something i have been working on for the past month.
To the right is a quick shot (with my iPhone) of a portion of the set-up, and me. If the weather holds i will be committing it to film tomorrow. As well another special secret shot.

Monday, January 18, 2010

some voices

Its fairly common knowledge that i love listening to This American Life and on This American Life two of my most favorite contributors are Sarah Vowell and Starlee Kine. The reason for this favoritism, aside from the obvious (them being entertaining, informative and pretty much brilliant) is that I feel like i share something with them - the fact that we all have very young sounding voices.
Now... I have always looked pretty young and I have always sounded young. As a teenager it would drive me around the bend. My mother would take full advantage of it. A favorite story of hers is how angry i would become when she would try to make me order off of the readily offered "Kids Menu" at various restaurants.
Even at my first year of university, people seemed to think that maybe i was some sort of child prodigy who had skipped up to three grades. No such luck. Aside from my youthful appearance, i was normal.
Even to this day the frustration continues. When people phone my home, especially telemarketers, they ask for my "mommy". I am in my late twenties. Being asked for my "mommy" should not be something that i am commonly subjected to, yet this is the case.
As you may have guessed, this is, and always has been somewhat of an issue for me. What can i do? I could attempt to lower my voice by speaking in a reverse falsetto (is there an actual word for that? if so, let me know) but i honestly sound much stranger, kind of like a muppet monster from sesame street, which would not help my plight one bit.
Here is another grand example of just how young I sound: A few weeks ago, a much younger friend of mine was home from school for the holidays. I called his home and his mother answered.
"Hi, is Conor there?"
"Um... yes, just a minute please"
Then a pause... and a slightly muffled voice "Conor, its for you... its a girl...? She sounds REALLY young."
Another pause then...
"Hullo, Linzi?"
The tone of his mother's voice seemed to communicate more than she probably intended. Something along the lines of "Are you sure that you aren't calling for my youngest son?"
Now to get back to Sarah Vowell and Starlee Kine, their voices show me a brighter future. Despite the sound of their voices, people listen, and take note- it gives me hope that maybe, even with this voice, people will be able to take me seriously, or at least take pause, and not immediately write me off.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fashion Fairytale

Yes, its time for a fashion bedtime story.
A million years (a little bit more than a decade) ago there was a tiny, itty bitty, skinny slip of a teenaged girl. She was ok with her body, even when other (fatter) girls would say "eww, you are SOOO skinny". She took solace in the pages of Vogue, and on her tv screen every sunday evening (fashion television), "Those girls! They're skinny too! Albeit way taller, but skinny!" She would think to herself.
But her fashion dreams and aspirations never quite found themselves fulfilled, and she grew up, got boobs, got hips, and "filled out". Sure, she still was not fat... but she was no longer the rail-thin waif yesteryear. She became a little bit of the dreaded pear shape and began to morn the changes in fashion.
"Stovepipes?! This year again?"
"Mini-dresses? ok."
One night she made a wish upon a big bright fashion star- Coco Rocha. "Starlight, starbright, grant the wish that makes me look alright! I wish for something flattering!"
AND POOOOF! Karl Lagerfeld- the fairy fashionmaster granted the wish! The A-line! Ruffles! Cut from the waist! Thank you Chanel Pret-a-portier Spring 2010!

( the images are copyright )

Friday, January 8, 2010


Alright. Ok. So. Its a new year, a new decade (apparently, it technically isnt), and i suppose its time for contemplating the past whilst facing forward.
So while thinking about all the foibles and mistakes 0f 2009, I have made several resolutions.
The first and most important is to DRINK MORE WATER. I am usually tired, and often have headaches, I am probably just thirsty. So 2010 is as good a time as any to start the water habit.
My second resolution is to THINK LESS ABOUT "BOYS". This does a lot more for me than you might think. Since realizing that there was a difference between boys and girls (at about the age of four and a half years) i have been boy crazy! It's been a bit of a plague, and i am happy to report that the curse seems to be fading. This frees up a lot of my thinking for what i consider to be more important.
My last resolution of 2010 is to TAKE MORE PICTURES. A lot of my art practice had fallen by the wayside and i am finally getting back on track. However, i have yet to really make any progress with my photography. I have been painting and sculpting and crafting but photo-ing hasn't happened a whole lot.
Well that ends now! I am resolved.

Monday, January 4, 2010

nana bread

Have honestly.
Banana Bread

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My feet are freezing

The weather has finally shown what its made of! Winter has returned. There has always been something about snow that has made me feel nostalgia. The sight of the snow swirling beneath a street-lamp always has the ability to evoke a sense of home. I remember being in japan two years ago. It was the 17tth of January and I wrote the following:

today it snowed a little bit while i was at work. Luckily i was even outside for the event.
Today my class went outside for "outside play". Some of my students were late in getting their coats on so my partner looked after that half of the class while i took the other half with me to change their shoes. we got onto the playground and it started to lightly snow- much to my excitement. You see i am from a land of snow and ice (at least for about 4 of the 12 months) and honesetly, i miss it. I miss the feeling of freezing in my face when i am walking somewhere, i miss how amazing hot chocolate really tastes after you have had a chance to really appreciate it warming qualities, i miss the pretty ice and the pretty snow. I miss home. SO for the 15 nostalgic minutes of snow... I felt really happy.
Maybe i should have moved to hokkaido.