Sunday, January 3, 2010

My feet are freezing

The weather has finally shown what its made of! Winter has returned. There has always been something about snow that has made me feel nostalgia. The sight of the snow swirling beneath a street-lamp always has the ability to evoke a sense of home. I remember being in japan two years ago. It was the 17tth of January and I wrote the following:

today it snowed a little bit while i was at work. Luckily i was even outside for the event.
Today my class went outside for "outside play". Some of my students were late in getting their coats on so my partner looked after that half of the class while i took the other half with me to change their shoes. we got onto the playground and it started to lightly snow- much to my excitement. You see i am from a land of snow and ice (at least for about 4 of the 12 months) and honesetly, i miss it. I miss the feeling of freezing in my face when i am walking somewhere, i miss how amazing hot chocolate really tastes after you have had a chance to really appreciate it warming qualities, i miss the pretty ice and the pretty snow. I miss home. SO for the 15 nostalgic minutes of snow... I felt really happy.
Maybe i should have moved to hokkaido.

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