Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fashion Fairytale

Yes, its time for a fashion bedtime story.
A million years (a little bit more than a decade) ago there was a tiny, itty bitty, skinny slip of a teenaged girl. She was ok with her body, even when other (fatter) girls would say "eww, you are SOOO skinny". She took solace in the pages of Vogue, and on her tv screen every sunday evening (fashion television), "Those girls! They're skinny too! Albeit way taller, but skinny!" She would think to herself.
But her fashion dreams and aspirations never quite found themselves fulfilled, and she grew up, got boobs, got hips, and "filled out". Sure, she still was not fat... but she was no longer the rail-thin waif yesteryear. She became a little bit of the dreaded pear shape and began to morn the changes in fashion.
"Stovepipes?! This year again?"
"Mini-dresses? ok."
One night she made a wish upon a big bright fashion star- Coco Rocha. "Starlight, starbright, grant the wish that makes me look alright! I wish for something flattering!"
AND POOOOF! Karl Lagerfeld- the fairy fashionmaster granted the wish! The A-line! Ruffles! Cut from the waist! Thank you Chanel Pret-a-portier Spring 2010!

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