Friday, January 8, 2010


Alright. Ok. So. Its a new year, a new decade (apparently, it technically isnt), and i suppose its time for contemplating the past whilst facing forward.
So while thinking about all the foibles and mistakes 0f 2009, I have made several resolutions.
The first and most important is to DRINK MORE WATER. I am usually tired, and often have headaches, I am probably just thirsty. So 2010 is as good a time as any to start the water habit.
My second resolution is to THINK LESS ABOUT "BOYS". This does a lot more for me than you might think. Since realizing that there was a difference between boys and girls (at about the age of four and a half years) i have been boy crazy! It's been a bit of a plague, and i am happy to report that the curse seems to be fading. This frees up a lot of my thinking for what i consider to be more important.
My last resolution of 2010 is to TAKE MORE PICTURES. A lot of my art practice had fallen by the wayside and i am finally getting back on track. However, i have yet to really make any progress with my photography. I have been painting and sculpting and crafting but photo-ing hasn't happened a whole lot.
Well that ends now! I am resolved.

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