Sunday, August 15, 2010

take my body, put it in a boat

Tonight i just want to listen to kind of poppy, slightly melancholic, that reminds me of my own mortality and that life is pretty and things are ok even if one is lonely. Example? Willow Tree by Chad VanGaalen.
Not that i am particularly lonely tonight. Just alone.
Its a saturday night and i want to be out moving my body with people that i like and have fun with whenever i see them. But i am home, listening to good music and thinking about wanting to go out.

Friday, August 13, 2010

but i helped him drink his wine

Because summer-time tv is terrible, i have been watching a lot (A LOT) of Japanese dramas.* I am currently watching Lunch Queen or ルンチの女王. It is a little bit old, from the early 2000s i think and stars some familiar faces, the most familiar being a young YamaPi; For some reason, i am the most familiar with super pretty young male idols when it comes to the japanese entertainment industry. go figure.
The story seems simple enough, waitress loves lunch and is asked by a regular customer to pose as his fiancée, to help him make amends with his estranged family. His family runs a wonderful little restaurant. Seems like happily ever after right? not quite. Regular customer man is the eldest son and also a bit of a sneak theif, having run away from his family two years prior, with all of their money in tow. Old habits die hard and he does it again. However... waitress decides she likes it there and continues to pretend to be his fiancée. Throw in several (three) brothers, an ailing father and a terrible ex boyfriend and you have one of the best ventures into japanese television that i have seen.
Oh, by the way. I start a pretty amazing job on August 30th. I am enjoying summer while "the getting is good". I hope you are too.

*drama / dorama / ドラマ is a term widely used to describe live action television shows in Japan. Not all of the programs could be classified in the drama genre, but because they are about an hour long and not a variety show, they are named as such.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

imagine that

July 30th 1980 was a Wednesday. makes sense i suppose. Everyday as a child i looked at that old poem. It was framed on my wall - a gift from an Aunt Ros. I never really gave it much thought until this year.
I suppose everyone's life has the ups and the downs. Personally i wish it had been a Monday.