Monday, December 28, 2009


I have been a very special kind of lazy as of late. Special in that i can do things like knit, sew, paint, cook, even clean, but im finding it hard to go out. I have an occasional tendency towards social withdrawal. And boy howdy, is it ever hitting me hard right now!
Daily life is stacked against activity right now. Winter, self-employment, lack of love life, super amazing kitten, busy friends... these things add up, and their sum is torpor.
I want to do something in response to this. Something about hibernation, sleep, acute social withdrawal, self imposed isolation... in short a ひきこもり (hikikomori) bear in winter? No. But something. Don't ask me what, i am still working that out.

In other news, got some new yarn, dont like it much but it will become something pretty.

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