Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bla bla Blog

"For once in your life, finish something!" I am sure i am not the only one to have heard these words, and really its unfair. I have finished a multitude of things! I finished putting away the dishes, i finished dinner tonight, i finished my afternoon nap! And that is just today. However, i can see where the words are coming from. Perhaps, they need a revision, an addition... "for once in your life, finish something meaningful!"
Which brings us to this blog.
It seems like everybody and their favorite aunt has a blog these days. I, myself have had several. But like most things that i do in life, i start it and then forget all about it. It is quite possible that the same will happen with this blog too. But i hope not.
Now, dont get me wrong. I am not pretending that this will actually be anything meaningful, or that i even really know what that means... Honestly, I just wanted to write about things that are attractive to me. Something interesting beyond... something.
It seems that i can't quite put my finger on it, fear not, I am sure i will.

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