Thursday, December 17, 2009

"that place in time - so gold"

Last night i had an awful time of it, sleeping that is. I could barely do it. My eyes were feeling all buzzy and red and swollen but for some reason i just couldn't sleep well. Usually the cure for this is listening to radio podcasts (see places to go), but that wasn't the case last night. Even reading did nothing but make my eyes all the more angry. I thought of writing here, but couldn't concentrate enough. So, i wandered (very quietly) around the home.
Mostly i was chasing the little face (my little cat) from room to room. I can't say that either of us enjoyed it much. He was trying to have some alone time before my usual wake-up mauling, and i was trying to have some affection from my favorite creature. Opposites! But the cold sneaking in through the windows distracted me enough for his get-away.
Looking out at windows is an often pastime of mine. Rather, i should say "peeking out", as i often attempt to spy on the street below or the garden behind my apartment. It isnt often that i witness much- An old asian man and his toddler grand-daughter out for a walk, some raccoons chasing after each other, squirrels and birds going about their business, or some such thing. But I am getting off track. This particular morning i witnessed a special treat.
There is of course one bonus to being awake from 4:40 am to about 7:30 am and that is dawn. Pre-dawn really. Just those beautiful tones in the sky before the sun is up... it's... great. I didn't take a photograph, i thought about it, but i was transfixed. I watched the colours change ever so slightly for about 20 minutes, as more and more light creped into the sky. That seemed to be enough. I felt (finally) relaxed and decided to give sleep another try. What success!

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