Saturday, March 20, 2010

handful of things

I was going to start with a link to an interview with Gen, but i dont want you to click off just yet so it will come at the end.
... Ok i was going to write some long post about the value of art in terms of an object that can bring joy, or some sort of emotion, the amount of time, thought and energy that goes into a piece versus it's monetary value. But I am really not in the mood to write it anymore.
So, moving on
there are a couple new items in my etsy shop, give them a looksee!

as promised - the link
Gen is an amazing artist and person. One of my faves to be completely honest. Please enjoy her work and charming interview.


  1. On behalf of T.E.S.T., thanks for linking to the interview. Coincidentally, we have featured your silver lining cloud in the lastest post for the Spring Equinox. (Welcome to the team!)


    Ele (aka minouette & TEST blog admin)

  2. I know i'm a bit late but thanks for the compliments and for linking to the interview! I will see you when I get back to Toronto. xox