Saturday, June 19, 2010


It isn't often that i go on a tirade on here, but today i just can't help myself. After a long day of shopping, what could be better than tuning in to FT's RAW. The show is pretty great, usually just the runway, almost like being there (well not really at all, but at least i get to see how the garments move on the body). SO imagine my excitement today when i turn on the tube to find that favorite fashion designer Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2010 collection is marching across my screen (see here). However, I was quickly crestfallen.
The coverage was terrible. If i wanted to watch Sir Paul nod and flirt with his glitterati cohorts, i would tune in to tv like "Extra" or "e-talk" or even "TMZ", but that is exactly the opposite of what i want.
I want stella! in all her glory, and i dont even really want stella herself. I want to see the fruits of her labour. I want to see her collection. Several pieces were panned by the camera man in favour of zoomed in shots of her (awesome) famous father. Yep he is great, but COME ON!
Also... usually i am of the school - "the skinnier the better", but some of those models made me feel a little bit sick. I don't enjoy fearing that i will see a woman's leg snap like a brittle twig when watching fashion. Seriously girls, thigh implants? Maybe you should consider it.
However, to Stella i say, "thank you! I probably can't wear any of your pieces (as i am a twig no more), but they sure were pretty to look at."

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