Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HARU is here

hello all, i know its been quite a while - sorry. The nicer the weather, the less i want to be on/in front of/anywhere near the computer.
I spent a lovely Sunday at High Park with some fantastic people (in alphabetical order - Brandon, Dan, Gen, & Jeff). Luckily the sakura were in full effect! Took a couple great polaroids and these two nice ones on my iPhone. Spring always makes me miss Japan. Honestly the most beautiful springs I ever experienced were back in Osaka.

My biggest time-suck lately has been "the shoe-less wonder". Ripley had been a bit under the weather, but has since appeared to be back in the pink.
I had noticed over the past month that he had new exciting object that he wants me to throw and throw and grown bored with his favorite toys, it appears he has now found a brandthrow and throw...
a plastic spoon, but only between naps.

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