Sunday, September 19, 2010

chacha changes

After spending a good amount of the summer listening to all those crazy punk songs and other "alternative rock" from the 90s that i liked in high school, i have moved on to directly after high school.
This was a pretty interesting time. I started to really get into belle & sebastian and badly drawn boy. I was all wrapped up in simple-ish, introspective, quiet pop. I would spend my days painting a mural in my living room, cutting my own hair, and kissing my slightly younger than me boyfriend. I was a little bit broken and apt to feeling off-kilter but i was happy a lot of the time. Listening to DOG ON WHEELS and YOU MADE ME FORGET MY DREAMS, seems to send me back in time.
If i close my eyes i can feel the ground beneath my feet as i walked next to a marsh, and i can feel the sun on my face. I had a yellow walkman, but it was a panasonic one, and mixtapes were THE thing.

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  1. I hope your enjoying the warm weather that summer offers.