Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tom ford made me cry like an ickle baby

Today was beautiful and busy. My dear Genevieve came over and we went for a walk along queen east. Bought some new wool *ahem* cotton, met up with Jeannette, headed over to the Indian Bizarre for some henna, and then back to mine to do some baking.
The ladies and i made some cookies very quickly, drank tea and cider (not together) and went our separate ways.
My separate way included meeting up with Joh for a movie. Here is where the title becomes relevant- A Single Man was beautiful. My heart was squeezed by it (easy peasy to do) and my eyes were entirely enthralled (not so easy to do).
To be completely honest, I was a bit worried when Mr. Ford announced his retirement from apparel for a career in film, but TOMCAT you did me proud. I was impressed and inspired.
Go see the movie. Bring tissues to wipe your eyes, i had to use my scarf.
ps cute plastic things FROM SPAIN

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